Monday, January 28, 2013

The element I am using is called Zinc. The name is derived from the German, 'zinc', which may in turn be derived from the Persian word 'sing', meaning stone.

Symbol: Zn
Atomic Number: 30
Atomic Mass: 65.38 ± 0.002 u
Group: 12
Electron Configuration: [Ar] 3d104s2
Valence Electrons: 2
Color: Blue Gray
Density: 5.61 g/cm³
Melting Point: 419.53 °C, 787.154 °F, 692.68 K
Boiling Point: 907 °C, 1664.6 °F, 1180.15 K
Ductility and Malleability: Between 212-302 °F
Luster: Metallic
State at Room Temperature: Solid

Zinc was identified as an element in 1746, though known to the Greeks and Romans before 20 BC. Zinc was discovered by Andreas Marggraf. Zinc is used in alloys such as brass, nickel silver and aluminium solder. Large quantities of zinc are used to produce die-castings which are important in the automobile, electrical and hardware industries. It is also used extensively to galvanize other metals such as iron to prevent rusting.

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